What do we do?

ABa recycling recycles Scrap Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Once the goods arrive at our company terrain in Gellingen, they are immediately sent to the depollution centre. Here they are stripped of all hazardous materials and further dismantled to be used as primary raw materials once again. The entire processing process is carried out at our own site and facilitated by our own people.

If desired, we can make containers and means of transportation available to allow the collecting and sorting of your electric and electrical disposed goods to run smoothly. To offer you a competitive solution for the waste processing of your electric and electrical disposed goods and the logistical handling of them, as a company you need not waste valuable time and energy on this, which allows you to remain focussed on your core activities.

Sustainable business with assistance from ABa recycling

ABa recycling guarantees that your electronic waste will not be dumped at land or sea dumping places and offers you a 100% guarantee that it will not be sent to developing countries.

One of the achievements that we are proud of is that we are in the position to carry out the entire processing process at our site. We have therefore invested in location, building, processing installation and work with people with real expertise in order that we can offer knowledge and expertise to our clients.

Our processing process is therefore one of the most sophisticated and environmentally-friendly in Europe.

Everything runs according to the strictest legal norms and guarantees the highest recycle percentages. Each decision is well-considered to leave a footprint which is as green as possible.

This is according to the "cradle to cradle" principle (*). In the future the major challenges will be finding a solution to stop the exhaust of natural resources, to achieve energy savings and to reduce the mountains of waste. By working with us you contribute in a simple way to sustainable business.

(*) With each business decision we embark on a comprehensive consideration of the economic, ecological and societal interests, because each company activity has an impact on people and the environment, in the short term and also in the long term.

Our involvement

ABa recycling assists you with the recycling of your waste and does this in accordance with the legal norms, in order that as a company you can concentrate on your core activities. That is why ABa recycling is happy to vouch for the legal and administrative aspects which are associated with waste management. After all you are specialised in your company activity, not in recuperating raw materials. ABa recycling is an expert in this field, and wishes, together with you, to ensure that your electrical and electronic disposed goods are no longer a problem for you, but create opportunities instead.


ABa recycling ensures tomorrow's raw materials, such as plastics, iron, non-ferrous metals by recycling these in the most responsible and ethical manner. We believe that it is our role to contribute to a cleaner planet in this disposable and consumer society by recycling electrical and electronic goods. In this way your goods can be reformed into useful, desired, re-useable objects.

You give us your trust, we guarantee you

  • professional supervision concerning guaranteed quantities acquired
  • competitive processing of the recycling of your AEEA
  • responsible, environmentally-friendly and secure recycling

OVAM (Public Waste Agency of Flanders)

Certificate number ABa recycling: 108298 (valid until 15 October 2022)