How do we work?

At ABa recycling we want to offer you comfort. Simply contact ABa recycling and, following an appointment, the material is brought by you or, at your request, collected by our reputable transporters. Rate agreements are made.

When the material has reached us, it is then weighed on our calibrated weighing bridge. The order is created, and the depollution and processing of the goods can begin. The entire processing process occurs 100% in own management on our site. If desired you can request our acknowledged processing certificate.

Who do we work for?

Consumers market - Private
At ABa recycling the processing and recycling of your AEEA is in good hands. Together with us you contribute in a simple way to the creation of a greener planet and this thanks to the fact that we guarantee recycling in a professional and environmentally-friendly way. In this way we both contribute to developing re-useable raw materials, which form the new basis for the future of tomorrow.

New from March 2013!
KMO Container park for AEEA.
Buying and selling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

For security reasons prices are not supplied by mail.
Please telephone us or visit our office for this.

Industrial market - Professionals
ABa recycling is the ideal partner for the industrial market to allow the flow of waste from scrap industrial electrical and electronic equipment to be smoothly processed. These days many scrap industrial goods are still arriving at the scrap merchants. However, due to the new European legislation this is a problem for the industry for which ABa recycling offers the solution.

We supply solutions and active consultancy to the IT sector, offices, banks, breweries, hospitals, plastics industry, metal industry...


  • Secure, sustainable and environmentally-friendly processing in accordance with all legal stipulations and norms.
  • Comprehensive service with fast action is vital to us. Collection when required, always at a time that suits you.
  • Tailor-made solutions, specifically for your type of goods.
  • We guarantee a comprehensive removal and destruction of your confidential, professional data and the destruction of your equipment, whether or not under the supervision of customs. You will receive an acknowledged processing certificate from us.

We have all required knowledge and expertise to make maximum use of the material value of the waste streams supplied and therefore to guarantee the highest recycling percentages. In this way ABa recycling can guarantee its customers an ecological and economically responsible result.

  • Product recycling: Recycling of whole pieces of equipment and parts according to the specifications of the customer and the legal norms. The customer can deliver the products to be processed at the ABa recycling site or these can be collected at the customer, end users or logistics centres.
  • Product registration: after consultation with the customer, the details of the products to be processed or reused can be determined and reported on arrival.
  • Processing hazardous substances: electrical and electronic products often contain hazardous materials. To process these, ABa recycling has invested in location, installations and technologies which allow the hazardous materials to be securely and safely separated from the reusable materials.
  • We offer tailor-made solutions when it concerns the transportation of your scrap and/or excess products. Opportunities offered include both pallets as well as bulk transport by way of containers or dump trucks and of course we ensure that all legal prescribed permits and documents which are required for this are respected.
  • We guarantee a comprehensive destruction of your products with certificate upon request (= COD: certificate of destruction) ABa recycling offers services for the destruction of products which must be certified as destroyed. ABa recycling's processing process guarantees you the comprehensive destruction of all products and data.
  • Destruction and BOD (handled under the supervision of customs): ABa recycling offers services for the destruction of products which are taken off the market, in relation to market, quality or security requirements or imitation. This concerns many products without, or with small, market value. The ABa recycling processing process guarantees you that all products will be destroyed.
  • We offer you secure storage, transportation and logistics: Products to be processed which still have a market value and therefore require extra securities can be placed in secure areas 24/7 during storage and processing. The goods are monitored from collection to delivery. Goods which must be handled under the supervision of customs are always stored in secure spaces.

Certificate number ABa recycling: 108298 (valid until 15/10/2022)